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Date: 13 Jan 2002

On 13 January 2002, George Pelecanos wrote:

: HOT SPRINGS, by Stephen Hunter

Hunter's well-liked on the list, and he fits in, but the more I read the less I like. One, I wonder how well non-Americans relate, and two, in HOT SPRINGS he does everything possible to crank up the tension and it just turns ridiculous. At the end (SPOILERS), Earl Swagger is taking care of business and needs to get back to his wife, who's about to have a baby
(little Bob Lee), but who went out looking for Earl and so isn't at home, so he has to find her, and there's no experienced doctor at the little hospital where she is, and there are complications, so he has to go get a doctor, and there are only minutes to save his wife's life, so he races to get an old black doctor we met earlier in the book, but the town his wife is in doesn't like black doctors and they march on the hospital, so Earl has to go to the front door and stand them down, and freedom and justice triumph over hate as a new hero is born. It's ludicrous.

I did really like DIRTY WHITE BOYS, though.


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