RARA-AVIS: The Big Stopper

From: T.Kent Morgan ( tkmorgan@shaw.ca)
Date: 12 Jan 2002

Erick Anderson wrote:

<I seem to recall a work of detective fiction called "The Big Stopper". A
<book about detection and baseball set in the 30's (?), and written by, I
<believe, Hal Kantor. Best Regards, Erick

In additions, deletions and corrections to Baseball By The Books, a History and Complete Bibliography of Baseball Fiction (1991), Andy McCue provided the following information:

KANTOR, HAL. The Big Stopper. New York: Popular Library, 1982. Paper. 222pp. Adult mystery Ace Cub pitcher Kirby Lincoln duels the mob, and wins, in 1920s Chicago. He needs his best fastball to win the big duel, but there is no game action.

Has anyone read this? I collect baseball fiction and have never come across a copy.

Kent Morgan in Winnipeg

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