RARA-AVIS: An Act of Vandalism

From: cooper ( jane@almaludo.freeserve.co.uk)
Date: 07 Jan 2002

I been lurking for an awful long time, but felt that it wouldn't hurt to bring this to the list's attention, I apologise as it doesn't really fall into the remit. It's been widely reported that Patricia Cornwell has used a portion of her fortune to purchase art works and artifacts produced and owned by the Victorian artist Walter Sickert and has, for want of a better word, shredded an important painting in an attempt to prove whether he was Jack the Ripper.(He has been linked to the case, see From Hell by Alan Moore/Eddie Campbell for example) I guess it could be argued that she can do what she likes with an object she has purchased, but as it hasn't proved a thing and even if it did an APB could hardly be put out on him, many just consider it to be a well publicised act of vandalism. For further reading on the story I know it was covered in the Guardian
(www.guardian.co.uk) and will be in their archives. Sorry about the diversion, now back to our regular program...

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