RARA-AVIS: HB bank robberies, revised

From: George Pelecanos ( shoedog1@erols.com)
Date: 01 Jan 2002

Okay, so THE NAME OF THE GAME IS DEATH is seven words. That first chapter detailing the robbery is classic. Dan Marlowe must have been possessed as he typed out these immortal opening words:

"From the back seat of the Olds I could see the kid's cotton gloves flash white on the steering wheel as he swung off Van Buren onto Central Avenue."

In one sentence you know this is a broad daylight robbery (the driver's wearing gloves, those gloves are "flashing white" from the sun) and the narrator's point of view tells you he's part of it. Masterful.

This scene reminds me very much of the daylight bank robbery in Don Siegel's CHARLEY VARRICK. Siegel was a pulp/noir aficionado; I suspect he had Marlowe's robbery in his head when he shot and edited the sequence.

George Pelecanos

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