RARA-AVIS: NY Time Sallis Piece

From: Mbdlevin@aol.com
Date: 31 Dec 2001

James Sallis has a piece in the NY Times about writing and finishing the Lew Griffin series. I recommend his first Lew Griffin novel (Long-Legged Fly) quite a bit. The second (Moth) is good, but not as strong as the first. You need to register (free) to get to:


Here's an excerpt:


"What better crucible in which to fire up the reagents of contemporary urban life? Crime novels give access to every level of society, taking on the city in its entirety. The privileged, the impoverished, the invisible. When in the 80's I began writing in the field, it seemed to me that much of the most interesting work was being done in the crime novel. A whole army of writers, people like Jim Burke, Stephen Greenleaf and Daniel Woodrell, had decamped from "literary" fiction and set up down by the river. They wanted to write serious novels, and they wanted people to read them, and they didn't feel those two desires had to be exclusive.

"I dropped my knapsack and unrolled my sleeping bag beside them."


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