RARA-AVIS: two parkers, one rankin, and pattison...

From: Michael Robison ( zspider@gte.net)
Date: 28 Dec 2001


been watching the robert parker discussion. looked like some kind of consensus that his first were the best. i went to border's bookstore and looked at all copyrights and the oldest one was 1972 called something like _the godwulf manuscript_, so i picked it up. that boy's been plunking em out pretty steady, hasn't he?

picked up another name here, ian rankin. i got _the black book_. there was an earlier one and i would have started with it but the print quality was pathetic.

and while i was in the parker section, i picked got tj parker's _laguna heat_. never read anything by him.

hmm... anybody besides me read more than one at a time? i'm splitting my time between jd mcdonald's _dress her in indigo_, willeford's
_something about a soldier_, and one that no one else has ever mentioned here... _the skull mantra_, by eliot pattison. anybody read _the skull mantra_? a chinese arkady! cool. good book.


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