From: Kim Colley ( atalantaix@earthlink.net)
Date: 20 Dec 2001

on 12/10/01 8:25 AM, Carrie Pruett at pruettc@hotmail.com wrote:

> I didn't care for the later episodes in "Hit Man" as much or for "Hit List"
> - which is more of a novel than a series of shorts, although with some
> episodic qualities. Enjoyable enough but after a point it seemed like there
> was only so far to take the character.

I just finished _Hit List_ last night, and must say I was disappointed. The chatter between Keller and Dot really got on my nerves by the middle of the book, and it was painfully obvious during the final stakeout at Maggie's building who the maverick hitter was.

Kim C.

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