RARA-AVIS: Previously the Big Question - now a series worth reading

From: Robert Centor ( rcentor@yahoo.com)
Date: 20 Dec 2001

While I understand the reluctance to commit to a series, I believe some great noir mystery writing falls under that category. I have an opposite approach; I love a great series; each book brings me into a comfort zone with characters - especially when they grow in each book.

In that vein, I HIGHLY recommend Ian Rankin's series featuring John Rebus. Ian Rankin wrote his first Rebus novel as a Scottish novel - not a mystery. However, Rebus is a policeman, and the story is a mystery. Rankin writes beautifully about Rebus, many supporting characters and Edinborough. The characters change over time. Each book creates a new feeling and while connected with the previous books, can stand alone. While I like and read many other authors religiously - Connelly, Harlan Coben, Peter Robinson, Reginald Hill and sample many others (Pelecanos, Lehane, Block, Kaminsky, among others)
- Rankin tops my list. Rebus is an extremely dark character (depressed, probably alcoholic) who has major problems with authority. He solves mysteries slowly, often serendipitously, but always with obsession as his ally. If you are willing to try a series, I would urge you to try him.


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