RE: RARA-AVIS: Big Question

From: Forstater, Mathew (
Date: 19 Dec 2001

Thanks for the responses so far. Ellroy's titles sure seem like they would be good. I may have been unclear. I'm not opposed to considering reading series, I just wanted people to know what I'd read, and to get some recommendations (series or not). I just threw in that comment about
"A so-and-so mystery" to see if that irritated anyone else. I imagine it is something publishers pressure authors to do. Another perhaps strange habit I have is looking to see what the author looks like if there is a photo. Often I take a look at a pretty-boy face or the make-up or the hair-do and think, "they can't possibly write hard-boiled." Poor authors if there are more like me out there. While I'm on a rip, there are definitely some covers that can be a turn-off. Oh yeah, also, I mentioned the anthologies--obviously Gorman and Pronzini (and Muller?) know good stuff. I like some of their short stories, but I've never read any of their novels. Should I? Mat

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