RARA-AVIS: Big Question

From: Forstater, Mathew ( ForstaterM@umkc.edu)
Date: 19 Dec 2001


I have read nearly everything by Cain, Thompson, Goodis, Hammett, Chandler, Woolrich, Willeford (though not the Hoke Mosely stuff), etc. I've also read many of the pulp, hardboiled, and noir (and even plain old detective and mystery) anthologies--old and new (though I draw the line at anthologies with themes like food, cats, etc.). I've also read lots of contemporary stuff, though for some reason I have a resistance to series--in fact when I am browsing at the bookstore I rarely look at any book that says "A [character's name] Mystery" on the cover. One exception is Walter Mosley.

I have never read anything by Paretsky, Leonard, Parker, Ellroy, Grafton
(except a short story here or there from an anthology). Not to mention the Lansdales, Hiassens, Jacksons, etc. So my question is: Given what I love (the old classics above), am I missing anything?

Also, other recommendations? Should I read the Richard Stark stuff, e.g.?

I'm wondering whether I'm running out of stuff to read, or if I've got many hours of enjoyment ahead.

On a side note: what do people think of the Eric Ambler novels?


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