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BANNED IN DC, Mark. Cynthia Connolly's site is one which'll show you some pictures. (Cynthia and I briefly used to practice what we remembered of Japanese on each other, sparked by our impressions of THE MYSTERIES OF RAMPO
[as it was released in the US]--more surreal and ugly than truly hb, but a nice complement as a film, I'd say, to the film of HAMMETT.)<figleaf of HB content. did I mention I'm reading the new HARDBOILED?

Am glad to be made aware of the publication, finally, of DANCE OF DAYS! Even if Mark Andersen had to turn to Mark Jenkins to help him past the block/funk he was in.

As one who was mistaken for Jenkins by a young punk (non-pejorative)(mostly) at one Positive Force show, this does trigger a fair amount of memories.

And, of course, recordings usually don't do Go-Go justice. Truisms can be true.

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Carrie noted Dance of Days, the recent book about DC punk music
(featuring many bands mentioned by George). There is another book about the scene, Banned DC. This is mostly a picture book (with lots of oral history quotes running around them), but what pictures. Many are taken in the clubs in which scenes in George's books take place, some of which he gives the actual names.

George also mentions a lot of DC's Go-Go funk bands. There is also a new book on that scene, The Beat: Go-Go's Fusion of Funk and Hip-Hp by Kip Lornell and Charles Stephenson. There's a crossmarketed double CD for any of you poor benighted souls who have never heard this great rolling funk, which means just about anyone not from DC, since there were all of two two national hits, Bustin' Loose by Chuck Brown and the Soul Searchers and Da Butt by Experience Unlimited. Samples from Trouble Funk's Pump Me Up show up a lot, too.

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