RARA-AVIS: Washington fact and fiction

From: Carrie Pruett ( pruettc@hotmail.com)
Date: 12 Dec 2001

Thanks to all who responded to my question on nonfiction about DC. I found Dream City in the library yesterday and will look for some others. The
"confidential" book sounds interesting, are there more like that for other cities? I admit I never thought of organized crime in DC (off Capitol Hill, that is) before reading some of these HB books.

One thing that struck me while reading "Shame the Devil" was that I got the
"Post" during the time the book covered but a lot of the news items discussed in the book were, well, news to me. Admittedly, I didn't scan the local news carefully, cause I wasn't living there (I was in rural western Virginia, a good 3 hours away, and took the Post because it was the only decent paper I could get, or at least, afford). I did remember a few local news stories, like the boxer who was shot in the hospital, but the bulk of the "local" news was Whitewater/ Monicagate and the like.

Incidentally, a couple of my friends who visited DC from the midwest this summer insisted that the automated voice on the Metro says "George Clooney" rather than "George Clinton," as Nick hears. This must be some kind of audio Rorschact test. My sister, who rides the Metro every day, just gives me a withering look and says "it's 'Doors *closing*'" but then I've always said she doesn't have much imagination..


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