RARA-AVIS: Max Payne

From: Dan Alban ( frimp13@yahoo.com)
Date: 11 Dec 2001

I have Max Payne and it's a great game - very hardboiled in nature. I'd classify it as action noir. In between the playable segments, there's a gritty comic book/storyboard narrative with a gruff voice-over, which can be very dark, if sometimes melodramatic and overacted.

The gameplay itself borrows elements from the Matrix - when the chips are down, you can use "bullet time," a limited resource that enables you to move at full speed while the rest of the world is in slow motion. The shootouts are fast, bloody and brutal.

The plot is definitely hard-boiled - a cop's family is murdered by drug addicts and he goes undercover to nail the drug kingpin. But his main contact is killed and he's betrayed by others in the force, and soon he is the subject of a manhunt - accused of murdering his partner. He goes into hiding and launches a campaign of vengeance against the mafia boss he suspects is behind all of this. Max strikes me as a very Spillane-esque character. I haven't played the whole thing yet, but that's how things start off.

Most of the game takes place in really gritty areas of New York - scummy subway stations, rat-infested underground tunnels/sewer systems, shoddy hotels, etc. Max comes across junkies, prostitutes, mafia bosses and henchmen and all sorts of other underworld denizens.

It is currently on GameSpot's list of the ten best games of the year. You can read a review at: http://gamespot.com/gamespot/stories/reviews/0,10867,2799311,00.html

> [Max Payne:]
> > A Finnish game in origin. I don't know how hardboiled
> > it is, but there are clearly some noir elements in its
> > visual style.

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