Date: 04 Dec 2001


Re your comments below:

> One or two of the Trace novels by Warren Murphy,
> mentioned on this list a few times in recent memory,
> speak of a restaurant in NYC with pictures of
> writers
> on the walls. The comments of the characters are so
> graphic--"I can't eat with that ugly face staring at
> me," etc.--that I have to believe that Murphy is
> talking about an actual picture, if not an actual
> restaurant. Does anyone know what I'm talking
> about,
> since I clearly don't?

I believe the restaurant, which DID exist but no longer does, was called Bogie's. It was sort of a gathering place for NYC's mystery community. The proprietors closed the place some years ago and are
(or at least were) running a travel agency that specialized in setting up mystery-oriented tours and trips.
> Murphy also spoofs Parker by having Trace learn to
> be
> a PI by reading novels. Parker is never named that
> I
> can recall, but Trace quotes Shakespeare and tries
> to
> cook gourmet meals (and fails miserably), so who
> does
> that sound like to you?

There's also a scene in one of the books in which a Boston PI wanders in Bogie's, orders an obscure beer that nobody's ever heard of before, gets drunk after one sip, and proceeds to try to engage the bartender in a discussion about the meaning of courage. This also seemed to be a pointed barb at RBP's Spenser character.


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