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From: M Blumenthal (
Date: 03 Dec 2001

Carrie Pruett:
> Maybe I'm a minority of one here, but I almost never get the music
> references in George's books, particularly the ones set in the 70s . .) ,
for me, that I can imagine the music to go with the characters.

> Now I do wonder if anybody who's not an ACC basketball junkie got hung up
> the Sweet Forever (I am one, and I loved it but I could see it being a
> sticking point).

Carrie, I'm reading the books almost in reverse order. Since the advent of sports radio in Chicago and my starting baseball leagues in the lte 80's I never listen to music on the radio. I'd have a fighting chance if the music were from earlier If you don't know the songs they have lost their purpose. You are not supposed to imagine the music from your knowledge of the character, the music is supposed to be an aid in understanding the character and setting the time.

I'm reading Forever' now. Though I've never been a college basketball junkie, I do follow it, and the Len Bias references have a bittersweet quality to me because I'm a big Celtics fan. You can gain knowledge of a period or fact through literature. Haven't you ever read a historical novel and felt impelled to look up a character or something about the era because of reading it?

To me music doesn't appeal to the intellect but the emotions. Just reading the title of a song that's mentioned once wouldn't cause me to try to listen to it, but if the same song were constantly referred to, I might.. Mark .

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