RARA-AVIS: music shoutouts

From: Carrie Pruett ( pruettc@hotmail.com)
Date: 03 Dec 2001

Mark Sullivan wrote:
>As for the music in George's books. <snip>It really annoys
>some people, while others get a big kick out of it. We agreed that
>generation might play some role in the reaction.

and Mark Blumenthal replied:
>I'm presently into the third of George's books so I've been able to
> >overcome my annoyance at all the music. I even knew one of the songs
> >recently. If you don't, the music references are not going to mean
> >anything and be annoying.

Maybe I'm a minority of one here, but I almost never get the music references in George's books, particularly the ones set in the 70s (I went to the bicentennial in DC, I have pictures, but I was 11 months old so I don't exactly remember it. . .) but I think they are great anyway. Even though I very rarely have heard of the artist being mentioned, he handles them in such a way that I can almost hear the music anyway; it's written well enough, for me, that I can imagine the music to go with the characters.
  (I'd be all about a soundtrack CD though!) It does take a lot of skill for "shout-outs" to work, though, and I think most writers don't really work it into the story but are just trying to show how hip they are.

Now I do wonder if anybody who's not an ACC basketball junkie got hung up in the Sweet Forever (I am one, and I loved it but I could see it being a sticking point).


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