Re: RARA-AVIS: Washington writers

Date: 03 Dec 2001

Mark Sullivan wrote
>As for the music in George's books. As well as good reportage of the DC
>scene, George's musical choices also provide insight into the characters
>who listen to the various strains. Mark B and I were recently
>discussing this off list (it's also come up here before), that there is
>some polarity among readers about these shout outs. It really annoys
>some people, while others get a big kick out of it. We agreed that
>generation might play some role in the reaction.
>I was thrilled when "my music" started showing up in hardboiled novels.
>I first noticed this in James Grady (Springsteen, among others),
>Benjamin Schutz (REM, Talking Heads, etc, and Springsteen, again),
>Michael Cormany (Iris Dement, Replacements and Husker Du, the
>pronunciation of which defined the difference between the cool PI and
>the old cop) and George (too many to list). I wonder if it's just a
>coincidence that three out of four of these are DC writers.
>And Richard, how can you list DC Go-Go bands and leave out Trouble Funk,
>my old school favorites? I remember this one concert with them on a
>double bill with DC's premier punk band Minor Threat (featuring Ian
>MacKaye, now of Fugazi), now that was a night . . .

I'm embarrased to admit that I've so far only read King Suckerman among his books - I enjoyed it, but haven't gotten around to acquiring any others yet
(until recently, nonfiction dominated all my reading). I especially enjoyed the musical aspects of the book, and like the local setting (I'm a Bethesda native)). I'm also a GoGo head (and Trouble Funk is my favorite also) - check out my page of GoGo links at

I just finished reading Red Harvest (Hammett's), now reading A Red Death.


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