From: Dick Lochte ( dlochte@home.com)
Date: 01 Dec 2001

The ultimate hardboiled parody is S.J. Perelman's short story, "Farewell My Lovely Appetizer." Woody Allen has published a couple short stories, too. "Mr. Big" is one I recall. Someone mentioned Lee Goldberg's two books, which are pretty funny. There're the Chance Purdue books by Ross Spencer that I never quite cared for. Ditto, the Kinky Friedman series.

I'm not sure that they're parodies exactly -- satire would be more like it: Gary Wolfe's "Who Censored Roger Rabbitt?" (source of the Disney movie of a slightly different name) and a sequel, "Who Ordered Delancy Duck?", Jules Feiffer's "Ackroyd" (an odd, not very funny private eye take on Christie's "Murder of Roger Ackroyd," a weird but definitely worth looking for novel by Stanley Crawford, "Gascoygne," about a private eye who lives in his car, Leo Rosten's "Silky," about a couple of private eyes whose agency is called Watson and Holmes, Thomas Berger's "Who Is Teddy Villanova?" and Richard Brautigan's largely disappointing "Dreaming of Babylon."

Dick Lochte

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