RARA-AVIS: Mosley/Nelscott

From: Carrie Pruett ( pruettc@hotmail.com)
Date: 28 Nov 2001

Pat Zeitoun wrote:

>Excuse me, but if the reader is American, how is he foreign?

> > What about Easy Rawlins? To me, he feels very foreign. > > Marianne

Well, I believe Marianne is English, so that may clear up some of the confusion. Mosley feels very American and very Southern to me.

Did anyone read "A Dangerous Road" or "Smoke Filled Rooms" by Kris Nelscott?
  The first, which I've read, is set in Memphis around the time of King's assassination; the second, which I haven't read, is set a few months later at the Chicago convention. I was not impressed with the plot of ADR and I thought the main character was somewhat derivative of Easy Rawlins - nicknamed "Smokey," operates unofficially (may even describe himself as an odd-job man as I believe Easy does), protects children. But I thought the style and setting were pretty well-done and I'm interested enough in the '68 convention that I will probably try the second book. I don't know the author's sex or race or anything else about him/her (the book jacket info was scant enough that I wondered if it might be a pseudonym for some already-published writer, though it was an Edgar-nom for best first novel, so I'm not sure that's kosher. I'm rather clueless how these multiple byline things work).


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