RARA-AVIS: Book contest thoughts

From: William Denton ( buff@pobox.com)
Date: 28 Nov 2001

The next bit of mail will be a promo for Jason Starr's new book. He and Vintage are offering ten free copies to members of RARA-AVIS. Free! And it's bound to be good. By all means, enter the contest. Starr's often talked about on the list and I've only seen one or two comments that ranked him below very good.

As you may know, advertising isn't really permitted on the list. Small and relevant announcements from writers and publishers on the list are welcome, because that's one of the ways we keep up with what's going on the world of hardboiled and noir writing. Everyone's been very good about this--in fact most times someone on the list has a new book out, it's other people that mention it and review it, which is even more effective.

One of the reasons against blatant advertising is that the list is hosted by iComm, a non-profit that provides Internet services for non-profits and community groups. They don't allow commercial activity. Another reason is that the list would be much less enjoyable if it was full of windy press releases every time Bantam published a book featuring a guy in a fedora.

This Starr contest is the first time we've ever done a contest on the list. I'm all for list-members getting free copies of books, and the quid pro quo is that the publisher wants a bit of copy sent around a couple of times. Fair enough, says I. We'll try it out and see how people like it. If you have any comments about the contest or commercialization, please drop me a note in private mail. If I'm offered any more contests, I'll decide how to proceed based on what I've heard.


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