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From: Jeremiah Healy (
Date: 27 Nov 2001


        I'm sorry: The phone rang, and I lost my train of thought. The REASON why I believe that interspersing stand-alones during the life of a series (or alternating two or more series) is refreshing probably flows from the alternative point of view the author must appreciate and use to present different kinds of stories to the reader. Cuddy is first-person narrative, the legal thrillers third-person varying viewpoint. To be in one narrator's head, I have to leave the other's, which I think is both healthy and stimulating. Short stories also can provide a nice, finite project during the time between sending a book-length manuscript off to an agent or editor and hearing back from him or her.

        "Variety is the spice of life" also isn't limited to mystery writing. I've also done humor-book proposals, country-and-western songs, essays, etc. Each is a break from the other, and, I think, calls upon different aspects of mind and heart, kind of "cross-training" for authors. I highly recommend diversifying what you're writing, just as I'd recommend diversifying what you're reading.

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