RARA-AVIS: RE: Daly & used books

From: Rob Preston ( rpreston@juniper.net)
Date: 27 Nov 2001

George, good example, yes the early Daly titles are difficult to find in original state and frankly just are not worth it. I have a number of specific books that I've found to be quite difficult to locate for various reasons. But I think also it is a matter of persistence, I've found incredibly difficult to unearth titles by just keeping them on the old wantlist and they eventually come my way. But if for some reason I had had an urgent need for them, say for a deadline on an article, forget finding them.

> Well, it's hard to argue that books in general are
> ever going to be in short supply. I think the point
> was that trying to find a specific book can become
> increasing difficult, and I think that's equally hard
> to argue. Try, for instance, to find Carroll John
> Daly. You can find a few re-printed shorts, and there
> have been three or four books re-printed in the last
> twenty years or so. But that's about it. Anything
> other than those few things will cost hundreds or
> thousands of dollars (U.S.), and Daly just ain't worth
> it. Perhaps when I'm rich and famous...
> G.
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> George C. Upper III, Editor
> The Lightning Bell Poetry Journal
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