From: James Winter ( jwinter@one.net)
Date: 26 Nov 2001

<<<I can never complain about anyone who picks up a book of mine in a used-book store. If it hadn't been for places like that, I'd never have been able to read most of Harry Whittington, Day Keene, and many other writers who've given me a tremendous amount of pleasure over the years. And anyone who wants to read those guys today (not to mention most of the Gold Medal gang) is going to have to resort to the Internet or dusty stacks in the Goodwill stores to find them.>>>

Used books are like free marketing. If I go and buy all of an author's books used, I'm much more inclined to shell out for his or her next work when it comes out, or at the very least, the paperback.

And Les Roberts will happily point you to bibliofind and other services for anything of his out of print. Many authors consider it a way to keep themselves visible if they're between publishers.



"[For the Browns] With Pittsburgh, it's a rivalry. With Baltimore, it's a JIHAD!"
-Les Roberts

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