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Date: 20 Nov 2001

The author's name doesn't come to mind, but he's the same mystery author who does the yearly mystery train trip that cumulates in a book festival in either Spain or Mexico ... he killed off his PI (whose story is set in Mexico) and due to popular demand brought him back again and then killed him again and again if I remember the details right. I haven't read him myself so I don't know how effective he was with this repetitious demise of his protagonist.

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I haven't read Spiral yet, but I will and I've read all of the Cuddy series up to that point. Frankly, I think it takes a lot of balls to kill off a major character in a successful series. How many other series of that duration are still capable of surprise?
For instance, although many recurring characters died in Everybody Dies, none of them was central to the series. Scudder, Mick, TJ and Elaine all survived.

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