Re: RARA-AVIS: Re: career and peak

From: Mark Sullivan (
Date: 19 Nov 2001

Gerald wrote:

"Bottom line about this teacher-student thing: Yes, Parker was inspired and influenced by Chandler, but he took Spenser in his own direction. In fact, I don't see them in competition. I see Parker telling his own stories just as Healy, Crais, and Lehane do."

Like many (most?) artists, Parker wore his influences on his sleeve in his early work. But of course he stepped out of the shadow. He's no Chandler Jr. (I want to say, even when he wants to be, but I've gotta admit I haven't read Poodle Springs or the other, so I can't really say). Even in his first, Godwulf, with its many Chandlerisms, Parker was already showing he was his own man.

"I prefer to judge whether authors perform to their own potential. By his last two books, Chandler wasn't."

Now wait a minute, your argument in favor of Parker is that if you cut off his output at a certain point, he's great. However, your argument against Chandler is that if you look at all of his books, he went downhill. Although I disagree where that cutoff should take place (as I did with Parker, cutting him off earlier), why doesn't Chandler also get measured only by the books written before the dropoff?


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