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Date: 17 Nov 2001 wrote:

> I was in a pitch meeting this morning at a company that produces syndicated
> action shows. Was told that while a Black lead in a series may fly
> domestically, it will be very problematic to sell overseas. And since
> they're in the business of selling shows both foreign and domestically, that
> basically ended the conversation on the topic.

It's easier to assign the possibility of failure to the weakenesses of anothers rather than ourselves, particularly when there are so many barriers to success. And the assignation is probably correct just frequently enough to reinforce the point of view. In trying to build big audiences, the objective, it seems to me, is to avoid offending any group whose numbers may be small, but be just enough that the project misses achieving critical mass. My sense, strictly as an outsider, is that programmers and advertisers are still trying to build mass audiences in the face of increasingly fragmented media.

But I'd have thought that the book business, with hundreds of thousands of titles on store shelves at any one time, was more experienced with niche marketing, and more open to broader discussions within the genres. Or is that the same as saying publishing, by small presses at least, is driven more by the writers than the readers?


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