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Date: 16 Nov 2001

Likewise, the (admittedly rather tepid) Canadian television series version of ONCE A THIEF failed to sell for US syndication, perhaps also elsewhere, supposedly because Sadrine Holt as the female lead portrayed an Anglophone Hong Kong action heroine; even on an equal footing with her partner (the FELICITY guy), an Asian woman, even when obviously Hapa, as arse-kicker was seen as unlikely to appeal to Joe SixPack in those not so distant days
(still) before RELIC HUNTER and DARK ANGEL.

As dull-witted as publishing types can be... TM

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<< Your point that this is based on executive assumptions about what might be popular is well taken. And they are clearly stuck in a rut. For the most part (Steve Harris in The Practice and a number of actors on doctor shows to the contrary), most prominent black roles are in comedies or as bad guys. >>

I was in a pitch meeting this morning at a company that produces syndicated action shows. Was told that while a Black lead in a series may fly domestically, it will be very problematic to sell overseas. And since they're in the business of selling shows both foreign and domestically, that

basically ended the conversation on the topic.

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