RE: Re: RARA-AVIS: goodwill booksale

Date: 16 Nov 2001

> I know I could look it up on your site,
> Kevin, but how many
> Trace books were there?

It seems to me there were four. I love this series, and wish Murphy would write more. I can't exactly call this h-b, either, but Trace is a pretty tough drunk.

There were four Digger books. Digger became Trace after Murphy changed publishers. Something about rights to the character. But Digger is Trace is Digger. Very funny stuff.

The Digger novels:

Digger #1: Smoked Out (1982) Digger #2: Fool's Flight (1982) Digger #3: Dead Letter (1982) Digger #4: Lucifer's Weekend (1982)

The Trace novels:

Trace (1983) Trace and 47 Miles of Rope (1984) Trace: When Elephants Forget (1984) Trace: Once a Mutt (1985) Trace: Pigs Get Fat (1985) Trace: Too Old a Cat (1986) Trace: Getting Up With Fleas (1987)


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