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        This is the only one I'm aware of, and it's not always "Hardboiled."



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> Does anyone know the nominees and winner for the 2001 Lefty Award?


They didn't give out the Lefty this year. In the past, the committee has contacted those registered to submit nominees, then at a certain point, the top five are announced far enough in advance that there's time to read them if you haven't already. This year, as the time of the conference drew near and I still hadn't heard anything, I e-mailed them to find out what was going on. Here was the response I got:

> no, we're not giving the lefties this year. instead, we decided to
> the authors something special and unique: the authors to the bush
> program, so they could get out of anchorage and really experience
> while they're here. judging from the enthusiastic response, it was
> good idea; about half the authors who are coming will also be going
> of town -- some of them very FAR out of town -- to talk in rural
> schools, libraries and wherever else they're wanted.
> i realize that not everyone will be happy with the dearth of
> but as i said, we wanted to do something unique.

She was right - a LOT of people were not pleased about it. The Authors to the Bush program was for the authors only, which was a far cry from everyone who attends LCC being able to vote for the Lefty. Enough people were angry about it that I heard a rumor that the by-laws were being updated to require presentation of the Lefty at future Left Coast Crimes. If anyone knows whether or not this is true, I'd love to know.

Sorry this was so lengthy!


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