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From: Todd Mason (
Date: 16 Nov 2001

Kevin, and everyone, I'm not going to try to crown "most racist city" either, just found it odd, at very least, that Boston should be favorably compared with Arlington in this regard...and did genuinely wonder just who was so worried for your safety, or at least comfort, Kevin.

Both Millenium PhilCon and Bouchercon/Capital Mystery were remarkably pale events, but I did see a number of folks, however disproportionately small a number, of at least some obvious non-Euro descent at both, though after these two opportunities to meet Mosley, I've inadvertantly punted both. TM

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Gee, I knew I shoulda kept my mouth shut about race...

 I'm not really interested in which city is most racist....Not that either is wrong or right
-- just seeing things from different points of view, that's all.

And Kerry wrote:

>And Kevin, speaking about racial experiences via Bouchercon, it didn't
>to me until I got home how few black people I saw at the event. I remember
>Walter Mosely and Gary Phillips among authors. I do not recall any black
>female authors at all.

Yeah, I realized that too, when I got home. I'm not sure what it means. But then, maybe we only saw Mosley and Phillips because we wanted to see those guys. There could have been fifty black cozy writers there, and I might have just mentally bopped over them.

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