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From: Todd Mason (
Date: 15 Nov 2001

Knew it read wrong. Thanks. Read THE COOL COTTONTAIL and one other, along with IN THE HEAT about 15 years or so ago, and the one involving the isolated gunman (GIVE A BOY A GUN?) about six or seven years ago...rather enjoyed the way Tibbs brushed off comparisons with Poitier in the later novels, and rather wondered if Ball set THE COOL COTTONTAIL in a nudist colony in part to make it unfilmable (though he's lucky he didn't get something like the Sellers/Clouseau A SHOT IN THE DARK as a explicitly comic Tibbs film, hmm). TM (who rather liked THE ORGANIZATION)

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Todd, Re your comment below:

> Nakamura's
> his [John Ball's Virgil Tibbs] partner on the
> SFPD, iirc.

It's the Pasadena PD, not the SFPD. Tibbs worked for SFPD in two of the movies, but never in the books.

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