Re: RARA-AVIS: All things to all people?

From: George Upper (
Date: 15 Nov 2001

--- M Blumenthal <> wrote:
> All this discussion about Spenser made me wonder. He
> now has many
> established allies --Jewish female, African
> American, homosexual, Italian
> hoodlum and Native American. There's also Pearl
> TWD I guess the next book
> he needs a Moslem Asian cat lover of far eastern
> descent to have the books
> appeal to virtually everyone.

And let's not forget the Latino Chollo, the vertically challenged Bernard J. Fortunado or the Chinese grad student who translates for him in a couple of the novels. (Spenser actually goes so far out of his way to describe Fortunado as short, the way he banters with Hawk or Teddy Sap about their "otherness" that I think he considers shortness just as "otherly." Maybe his point is that all otherness consists of rather silly distinctions.

And let's not forget that Spenser himself is Irish, an ethnic group often considered "not quite white" like the Jews, especially in certain parts of Boston.

Personally, I think Spenser's next sidekick is going to be a drug addicted Martian single parent with multiple personality disorder in a wheelchair who nonetheless can do just as many one-armed push-ups as Hawk--which is to say, an infinite number.


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