RARA-AVIS: Making Spenser's Life Easier (Without Hawk)

From: Gerald So ( gso@optonline.net)
Date: 15 Nov 2001

Hello, all.

We've mentioned how Hawk, Vinnie, Chollo et al shield Spenser from hard decisions. One instance of Spenser-shielding that bugged me more than any sidekick was *Parker's* killing off Candy Sloan in A SAVAGE PLACE

Candy was an L.A. reporter who hired Spenser to bodyguard her. He ends up falling for her, and cheating on Susan. But conveniently, Spenser has a lapse, Candy is killed, and Spenser's indiscretion is quickly swallowed up over the next couple of books.

Despite any puns on her name, Candy was a vibrant, well drawn character, and Spenser's attraction to her was real. I've always wondered how dynamics would've played out had Candy lived. It wouldn't have been as easy for Susan to forgive and forget.


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