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From: Larson, Craig ( Craig.Larson@tsjc.cccoes.edu)
Date: 14 Nov 2001

One of the reasons I like Jonathan Valin's Harry Stoner series so much was because Harry DID make the hard choices himself and he agonized over them. I can remember his choice to kill the bad guy at the end of
(I think) _Extenuating Circumstances_. If I'm remembering this correctly, this guy was a truly evil person (child molester?) and as deserving of death as any bad guy character I've ever read. Yet it was not an easy choice for Stoner to kill him--it was very difficult thing. And not too long after this, the series came to a conclusion. I think this was because Valin was meeting with declining sales, but at the time I read a number of critical suggestions that, having taken things over the line, there wasn't anyplace else for the series to go. If I'm mis-remembering this, please correct me--it's been years since I read this series, which has always been one of my favorites and most-missed.

Craig Larson Trinidad, CO

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