Re: RARA-AVIS: sidekicks

From: M Blumenthal (
Date: 14 Nov 2001

Gerald So wrote,

> The best Parker books are the ones where Spenser
> and Hawk are too complex and distinct to be called sidekicks. Parker's
> mistake was showing Hawk as trusted ally too soon.
> Imagine how great the Spenser books would be if there were still that
> tension between Spenser and Hawk: two men of equal stature who respect
> each other, but from a mire of complications, remain opposed.
> trademark would be in every book.
 You're right. Once Hawk became domesticated--Tonto to Spenser's Lone Ranger--the series lost a vital tension between the two. I had always felt Hawk was maore than a match for Spenser. Maybe Parker felt Hawk as originally presented posed a threat to the image of Spenser who Parker clearly identified with. Shakespeare had a similar problem
 with Mercutio, but Parker wasn't going to kill off Hawk.

They might have been able to maintain that tension in the TV show. I think Brooks Avery's Hawk was strong enough, but Robert Ulrich was not a good choice for Spenser.

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