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Date: 13 Nov 2001

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<< Just a thought on "sociopathic sidekicks:" Does anyone think that authors who use them (and I've had a couple that were close myself, such as Nino in SWAN DIVE and Primo Zuppone in SHALLOW GRAVES and INVASION OF PRIVACY) are really just protecting their "hero" characters from having to jump from the frying pan of honorable killing to the fire of murder?

    I think at times, it is a way of demonstrating how close "the good" is to
"the evil," (Spenser and Hawk in the various Susan soliloquies on the subject) It's the "Secret Sharer" thing, used to play with the limits and boundaries of "good" and "bad." (Cole & Pike in LA Req.) It can also be a means of having the hero recognize, "there but for the grace of God, go I."
(Easy and Mouse).
    Much of the time, however, I think it is an easy way of allowing the hero to keep his activities above the mud (most of Cole and Pike, all of the Lehane books, and especially Harlen Coben).

                                    Jim Blue

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