Re: RARA-AVIS: We want to know...

From: Gerald So (
Date: 13 Nov 2001

Mark S. wrote:

> Now whose sidekicks are Hump Evans, Ahmad Dakar, Ranger and Bobo? I'm
> guessing at least one is the sidekick to one of Parker's two other
> series characters. Wait, Spike is Sunny Randall's sidekick so who is
> Jesse Stone's.

Kevin has a page on Thrilling Detective dedicated to Hawk-like sidekicks: There's no mention of Bobo, though.

Jesse Stone doesn't have a sidekick but, in TROUBLE IN PARADISE--the second Stone book, there's a American Indian called Crow. Crow is somewhat honorable, but more clearly criminal than Hawk has been a while. In the third Stone book, DEATH IN PARADISE, Jesse gets chummy with two Boston cops who have enough free time to help stakeout a crime boss's legit place of business.

Conveniently, Spenser hasn't wanted for backup when Hawk's gone on leave. He's had Vinnie Morris, Joe Broz's old lieutenant and shooter; Chollo, the chicano shooter from STARDUST and THIN AIR; Tedy Sapp, the gay ex-soldier, ex-cop-turned-bouncer in HUGGER MUGGER; Bobby Horse, the Kiowa warrior who, with Chollo, works for L.A. crime boss Victor del Rio.


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