RARA-AVIS: RE: Not exactly psycho

From: Dick Lochte ( dlochte@home.com)
Date: 12 Nov 2001

Just to set the record straight: I used the term sociopath, not psycho. A small point, mainly of degree, but I think all the wet work sidekicks fall into the category. Pike may not be crazy, but he certainly exhibits antisocial and aggressive behavior. Hawk, for all his cool, accepts money to main and murder and. In general, sets himself above and beyond the law.

If you want to add a couple others to the list, there are the wildman best friend of Dave Robicheaux, Clete Purcell, in James Lee Burke's novels, and the Irish barkeep and killer, Mick, in Larry Block's Scudder novels. I imagine there are others, too. Janet Evanovich's girly-girl bounty hunter has a bad boy helping her. I've only had a quick look at Greg Rucka's books, but isn't there a sociopathic female who assists his character?

Dick Lochte

Date: Mon, 12 Nov 2001 13:09:58 -0600 From: "M Blumenthal" < blumenidiot@21stcentury.net> Subject: Re: RARA-AVIS: RE: Parker criticism

Mark S wrote,

> . And, as Dick also noted, his splitting the
> PI into two persons, one honorable, one psycho, was absolutely
> brilliant.

or maybe we can say, " down these mean streets a man must go , who is not himself mean, who is neither tarnished nor afraid" because he knows there is a man with a gun watching his back.

  This may be quibbling but I wouldn't call Hawk psycho. I think he is simply amoral. Those who have more widely in the field may correct me, but to my knowledge Crais is the author who started the moving the Hawk-like character towards being psycho perhaps culminating in Lehane's Bubba. Mark.

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