RARA-AVIS: Re: Psycho and Non-Psycho Sidekicks

From: Gerald So ( gso@optonline.net)
Date: 12 Nov 2001

Picking up on Mark S.'s comments:

I'd put Hawk and Pike in the non-psycho category. From the beginning, Pike has had actual conversations with Elvis--not the tough-talking jive Hawk and Spenser now share--in which Joe's outlook is often more moderate than Elvis's. L.A. REQUIEM only put a gloss on the humanity Crais maintained in him.

Similarly, early on Parker established that Hawk "won't say yes and then do no." He hurts and kills people professionally, gets no pleasure from it, and doesn't take things too far.

By contrast, Mouse, Bubba, and Coben's Win (listed here in order of debut) *are* the familiar loose cannons who may change temper in the blink of an eye.


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