RARA-AVIS: Best films

From: Larson, Craig ( Craig.Larson@tsjc.cccoes.edu)
Date: 12 Nov 2001

>For my money the four best films this year so far have been without
>question, The Man Who Wasn't There, Ghost World, Sexy Beast, and the
>domestic release of Tsui Hark's Time and Tide, all of which are works of
>art. Ghost World may be the least applicable to this list on a surface
>level as it has nothing to do with hard boiled crime, it is nonetheless
>worthy of everyone's time and attention.
>- -Peter
>Your Flesh Magazine
I'd have to agree with this list, though I'd add _Memento_ and, possibly,
_The Deep End_, both very list-applicable. If you haven't seen it yet and it's still nearby, _Ghost World_ is a must see.

Craig Larson Trinidad, CO

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