Re: RARA-AVIS: RE: Parker criticism

From: M Blumenthal (
Date: 12 Nov 2001

I think all of of those unhappy with some of Robert Parker's have read and enjoyed many of his books.. I've read 25. That's the whole point. For me and others he was the main reason to get into hard boiled. We are disappointed because we know how good he can be. I agree even his worst books have something of value, but why can't that be true of the whole book? Dick said he has written three books this year. That seems to be too many to for him to be able to write a book in the Spenser series that is up up to his old standards. He knows all has to do is just recycle a plot dredge up some characters from the past, throw in some byplay between Spenser and Susan and Spenser and Hawk, an add action scene or two and boom! -- bestseller. He must be financially secure He can stop. Spenser has been fighting the good fight for fifty years, since he was in the military in Korea. It's time for him to retire. I haven't read a book in either of his new series, but I have heard at least one of the series is very good.He should concentrate on those.

The argument that we shouldn't criticize him because of what he has contributed seems specious. To use a non-literary omparison, should sportswriters refrain from not mentioning Michael Jordan isn't the player he was because of all he has done for the NBA? Mark

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