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Date: 10 Nov 2001

--- M Blumenthal <> wrote:
> If he wants to have his
> characters not age, that's fine, but he doesn't have
> to provide dates that
> make the image impossible.

This has always bothered me about Spenser, too. It seems to me that novels about the aging Spenser still trying to be the toughest on the block, still doing all the things he thinks are important, could potentially be an excellent piece of characterization.
 Too bad we'll never see it.

> In
> another plot line he is to help a woman being
> stalked. The stalking plot
> is just embarassingly
> bad.

And is practically lifted from WALKING SHADOW, which makes it worse. Parker apparently never feels that women are actually stalked--any time a woman complains about a stalker, she's lying. However, the man who complained in WALKING SHADOW about being stalked was, in fact, being stalked. Hmmmm...


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