From: George Upper ( gcupper3@yahoo.com)
Date: 10 Nov 2001

Okay, I know I'm a couple of weeks late with this, but last month's discussion induced me to try Joe Gores. I read FINAL NOTICE (1974), a DKA novel. I can't comment on Gores' portrayal of San Fancisco, having never been north of San Diego, but I found the novel excellently plotted and the level or realism--or at least plausability--very high. His characterization and dialogue were also top notch. I will definitely read more Gores, and I'm sorry I haven't done so before this.

The ending of this particular novel was also more hard-boiled than I had expected based on comments made here.


Kearny, frustrated with the inability of law enforcement to bring a criminal to justice, informs on him to the mafia, who, the reader is lead to believe, will mete out their own brand of justice. Kearny strikes me as a man who's been there and done that, and is willing both to accept the limitations of law enforcement and to ignore those limitations in favor of justice. Is this a typical DKA novel? For those of you more familiar with Gores, how does this novel stack up against his other work?


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