RARA-AVIS: Boston in (and out of) Spenser

From: Gerald So ( gso@optonline.net)
Date: 08 Nov 2001

Hello, all.

George Upper wrote:

<< Sounds like you read THIN AIR--not one of Parker's best...I seem to recall that Parker made up the town name. (I might be thinking of WALKING SHADOW...He went through a phase after CATSKILL EAGLE where all of the major characters, and some of the minor ones, who helped Spenser in earlier books came to Spenser for help on their own issues, like some sort of payback. Now, after receiving more help from six such characters in POTSHOT, Spenser may need to travel around the country repaying those favors. But let's hope not. >>

The Mexican-American plot is from THIN AIR, set in fictional Proctor. I agree Parker is best early. GOD SAVE THE CHILD and PROMISED LAND introduce Susan and Hawk respectively. Spenser's traveling trend began with WALKING SHADOW, set in fictional Port City, and has continued with CHANCE (Las Vegas), HUGGER MUGGER (Atlanta), and POTSHOT (Various). Maybe Parker believes Spenser's character is strong enough to come through in any setting. IMO, Spenser needs Boston as Superman needs Earth's yellow sun. Parker may need Boston all the more because he's loose with description.

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