Re - RARA-AVIS: Themes of the Month - Boston

Date: 07 Nov 2001

Re Mark Blumethal's remark below:

"It [the Brinks robbery] openly inspired at least one movie, which starred Tony Curtis . . ."

The movie was called SIX BRIDGES TO CROSS. It was scripted by Sidney Boehm who won an Edgar for THE BIG HEAT. It was based on a novel entitled ANATOMY OF A CRIME by Joseph Dineen, which, in turn, Dineen had expanded from a short story entitled "They Stole
(whatever the hell the amount of money they stole was)
. . . And Got Away With It." Dineen made no bones about the fact that he was basing his plot on the
(still unsolved at that time) Brinks heist. One of the actors who played Ellery Queen on TV (I can't remember his name, but someone else probably will) played the Boston cop on Tony's trail.

Two other films based on the crime are BRINKS - THE GREAT ROBBERY, a 1976 Quinn Martin-produced TV-movie with Leslie Nielsen doing his familiar straight cop routine (years before he'd start spoofing it in POLICE SQUAD!) as an FBI agent, and Cliff Gorman and Darren McGavin as to of the robbery gang, and THE BRINKS JOB, starring Peter Falk and directed by William (THE FRENCH CONNECTION) Friedkin.


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