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From: Schooley (
Date: 06 Nov 2001

Bill Crider wrote:

> Just got in from Washington. I had to leave early this morning, so I missed
> Pelecanos' panel. As far as I know, he wasn't at the convention on any of
> the other days. I did meet Todd Mason, Kevin Burton Smith, and Schooley
> (though he might not remember it).

Actually, I do remember meeting you Bill. In fact, I believe we met twice, briefly, though I'll admit that as a first-time attendee the whole Bouchercon experience was overwhelming. Especially when preceeded by 24 hours with Amtrac during which I got less than 3 hours sleep in 5 to 15 minute snatches.

I caught the Pelecanos discussion. On the whole, I'd say these 2 author discussions were better than 4-5 author panels. Subjects got a more thorough airing. Some of the panels took more than 20 minutes to introduce members and their books. I most enjoyed the Tart Noir panel, for its enthusiasm and lack of inhibition, and the Justice in the Mystery panel for the ideas contributed by Walter Mosley.

As a result of panel presentations, I bought books by Gary Phillips, Vicki Hendricks, and George Pelecanos, authors I haven't yet read, except Pelecanos whom I read on the train ride home. I bought a book by Marianne Macdonald on the strength of her contributions to RARA AVIS, and I'm looking forward to cracking that cover.

Mark is too modest about the tour he gave us Sunday. Three bookstores, at least twice around the mall, and, possibly most memorable, fast chow in an independent Roy Rogers. (Anybody know what they put in that weird chicken sandwich sauce?) I think we were 30-40 miles out of DC, with ANOTHER bag of books, when my arches collapsed.

The hallways, the bars, the dinners and hospitality suites were best. I met so many people, some with familiar names and some entirely new, that you're right, Bill, to assume my entire weekend is a bit blurred. But your face surfaces, and I'll now pay even closer attention to your contributions to this list.

Have to do this again sometime -later. Kerry

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