RARA-AVIS: Theme of the month - Boston

From: M Blumenthal ( blumenidiot@21stcentury.net)
Date: 01 Nov 2001

This month we move acros the country to Boston.

Though perhaps not as noted for it as my present home, Chicago, crime in the area has been notable, or I should say notorious. Lizzie Borden was from Fall River, a city just south of metropolitan Boston. The robbery and murder Sacco and Vanzetti were executed for was in South Braintree, a town in the area. The Boston Brink's robbery in January 1950 was highest grossing robbery ever at that time. It openly inspired at least one movie which starred Tony Curtis and probably influenced many others..

I think in the early seventies Robert Parker and George V Higgins invigorated crime writing in the area. The authors I suggested are Dennis Lehane, Robert L. Parker, George V. Higgins, Jeremiah Healy, and Jerome Doolittle. These are the authors I am familiar with and who list members might consider hard boiled. As well as the authors listed two medium boiled authors, William G Tapply and Rick Boyer have written a lot about the area in the last thirty years though Boyer's Doc Adams series is centered in Cape Cod as opposed to Greater Boston proper. Even the recently mentioned Gregory McDonald had a spinoff from Fletch with a Boston cop, Flynn. If anyone wants to discuss someone I have omitted feel free to chime in.

One of the suggested authors, Jeremiah Healy, has graciously agreed to be on the list this month. I know there are a few of us from the area who are regularly active so this month should be elicit many contributions


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