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From: Scatalogic@aol.com
Date: 01 Nov 2001

Morning all.

'Hard Boiled - An Anthology of American Crime Fiction': ed Bill Pronzini and Jack Adrian, Oxford University Press 1995. Beautiful, Beautiful, Beautiful!! May well be familiar to many but if not, beg, steal, nab, grab or kidnap it. Fantastic cover art surrounds 1920's to 90's shorts. Favourites and eye-openers of mine were Benjamin Appel's Dock Walloper; Paul Cain's Trouble Chaser and I could go on and on. The Chandler story - I'll be waiting was simply stunningly well written. Gawd, I really could eulogise now, but honestly it's superb. Not sure about US editions, even included a Mike Hammer script for a short film. Fantastic informative notes, shall I stop now? OK.

Noise Abatement - Carol Anne Davis, Do Not Press, 2000. After recent UK presses discussion here's a good one from the Do Not Press. Nicely written and paced, NOT BLOATED, although the finale has a touch of innevitabilaty about it.

Gotta go, more to follow. Cheers Colin

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