Re: RARA-AVIS: French Hard Boiled

Date: 01 Nov 2001

My french ain't up to reading them in the original but I did enjoy, in translation, A Very Profitable War by Didier Daeninckx, who should be in print as he is "the most controversial contemporary French crime novelist"
(orig. Le der des der, Editions Galimard - 1984) according to the cover blurb and their is fullsome praise for his other work including "A modern version of the hybrid of existentialism and sensation that was the Gallic response to American tough-guy fiction," which sounds a nice definition of noir/hb, may not be the right period for you. Is Maigret hardboiled? Dunno but he is always in print and was used by a lot of British schools to teach French - I think because the language is fairly simple. I love him, so even if he isn't hardboiled ....

On another French point - does anyone on the list know and love Fantomas - who has been described as "Pulp surrealism" - chronology, supernaturalism and so on decree that the series can't be described as HB or noir but I really love the ones I have read and think they might be of interest to people on the list, if anyone can tell me how to get hold of more I'd be very gratefull.

Alons les enfant de patrie! All together now.... Yours in fraternity Colin

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