Date: 25 Oct 2001


Re your comment below:

> Actually, I've always found straightforward police
> procedurals the least
> interesting sub-genre.

That's fine. You're entitled to your tastes (though as a straightforward policeman who writes straightforward police procedurals, I'm always sorry to lose a potential reader), but I've got to ask:

If you don't like straightforward police procedurals, why in God's name are you reading McBain, who practically INVENTED straightforward police procedurals?

That's like saying, "I couldn't stand C.S. Forester's BEAT TO QUARTERS. And what's more, historical novels about naval officers operating the Napoleonic Wars have always left me cold."


"I can't think of a single nice thing to say about PRIDE AND PREJUDICE, and elegantly written romantic comedies set during the Regency era are a species of literature I never could stand."

You don't have to like the genre, but it doesn't seem cricket to read a book by an author so identified with the genre just so you can complain.


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